This page highlights opportunities monthly such as jobs, programs, fellowships, artist calls, volunteering, and funding across ethnic cultural communities in the Northwest (AK, ID, OR, & WA). Find an opportunity! Share it with a friend!

Volunteer Opportunity

Climate Change is affecting every corner of our planet including Native American communities, but how are those communities responding? What steps are being taken to adjust to new conditions, or what new solutions are rising to meet this challenge? With each film, Vision Maker Media and GBH wants to provide $11,500 of support to produce a short documentary telling this story.

Short documentaries can take many forms, and we want your story to live at the length that best fits your vision. Broadly, this initiative targets documentaries that are 5-8 minutes in length, but regardless of runtime, consideration will go to strong stories that educate viewers on climate change and Native American communities. Additionally, these funds can be used to finish a film that is already through production. In short, if you have a great story, we want to hear from you.

This project will fund a total of six short documentaries that will accompany GBH’s Sea Change: The Gulf of Maine, a three-hour documentary special that is expected to air on PBS July 2024. This is a great opportunity to put your work in front of PBS’s large audience. Be sure your submission is a complete plan to produce your film. Selected filmmakers will begin production as early as February 2024 with post production concluding in May 2024. FIlmmakers from every level are encouraged to apply, and please reach out for guidance.


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