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Ḵaa Tukax̱saké Héende Gathering

There is still time to join our cohort of cross-sector organizations as we continue the conversation around building a culture of equity and inclusivity here on Lingít Aaní. Together, we will work to heal and imagine a way forward toward a world free of institutional racism and violence.

During this session we will:

  • Discuss Decolonizing Organizations and Healing Through Culture with guest speaker X’unei Lance Twitchell
  • Resume our discussions from the last gathering around equity frameworks and generating strategic actions around community needs
  • Have the opportunity to participate the weekly Lingít language class supported by our partners KTOO & Discovery Southeast
  • Experience hands-on cultural learning with the option to make crafts with s’áxt’ (Devil’s Club) beads while learning more about the cultural importance of this heroic and sacred medicine.

Haa Tóoch Lichéesh

Juneau, AK
(907) 586-4902

Cultivating the conditions for safety & healing on Lingít Aaní. (aka Juneau, Alaska)