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17th Tasveer South Asian Film Festival

The Tasveer South Asian Film Festival (TSAFF) will take place for an 18-day extravaganza from Nov 3rd-20th, 2022. The festival creates a lively, stimulating and focused environment for conversation, education and exploration of issues that face South Asia and it’s Diaspora.

Through a series of film screenings, panel discussions, workshops, and cultural programming, our goal is to involve audiences not just with the film and video works presented, but to create a prolonged space where the social, political, personal, and international issues that form the core subjects of those works can be discussed and understood.
We want our community to engage with each other and with the society that we live in. We wanted to challenge our community to address the gaps, be they cultural, social, economic, or political. However, it is not only the South Asian community that we believe benefits from our events. Often times, the issues depicted in our films are relevant here in the United States or in other parts of the world.
We are committed to treating all individuals with respect, dignity, and fairness by removing physical, social, and economic barriers to participation. We ensure that all who wish to enjoy TSAFF’s programming can do so.


Redmond, WA, 98074

We envision an informed and just society where honest stories of lived experiences are heard loud and clear. And through this we strive to empower, transform, inspire, heal, and entertain the community. Our mission is to always go one step further to inspire social change in the changing times.