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APCC 25th New Year Celebration featuring Samoa

We are excited to have our event back at the Tacoma Dome Exhibition Hall. Our host is the beautiful country of Samoa, showcasing its cultures and traditions. Look for a very exciting and high-energy show from the many performers of this amazing country.
To celebrate 25 years, this year promises to be a jammed pack day of fun, food, and entertainment for the whole family.
25 years marks a celebration of a family event that started in 1998 with Vietnam as the featured and host country. The year was attended by over a thousand people, with a few vendors and very entertaining cultural performances and demonstrations from all the countries that participated.
The New Year Celebration was thought of as a way for APCC to showcase the many countries and cultures that we represent. It also served as a vehicle to connect further with our surrounding community in Pierce and neighboring counties.
Through the years our New Year Celebration has become a much-anticipated community event with attendances of over 10,000 people and over 100 vendors along with many food booths, martial arts, and hands-on demonstrations.
Mark and save the date and be part of this historical day for APCC and our community.

Asia Pacific Cultural Center

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Asia Pacific Cultural Center (APCC) serves as an interactive cultural crossroads between local and international communities. APCC represents 47 countries and cultures, offering programs and services honoring their distinct artistry, business protocols, history, and social practices.