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Black & Tan Hall’s Grand Launch Event: Seattle Green Book Tour

“The Green Book” was a travel guide no African American adventured without due to the dangers that they would encounter if they stepped foot in a “white’s only” establishment. Black & Tan Hall has created an app for you to get a sense of the Black-owned businesses that existed on Jackson Street in the 1920s to 1960s, including those that inspired our name. Learn stories from Seattle history about the role of entrepreneurship in building Black wealth, the solidarity among Black and Asian communities, and how this legacy shaped our city in the free, multimedia Green Book Self-Guided Tour app.

Come dressed in your vintage early 20th century gear and take a step back in time. We will kick off the event with live music from the intergenerational jazz band of The Rhapsody Project at the King Street Station. While there we encourage you to download the app and prepare for your big adventure up Jackson Street. The app will guide you to the historical landmarks where the once-segregated area allowed African American patronage. Many of the buildings have been torn down and replaced, but the legacy remains.
Throughout the tour you will be greeted with down home blues by Reggie Garrett and Ben Hunter featuring tunes from the late Ray Charles who performed at several of the stops along the tour. You will also experience a taste of the “Lindy Hop”, a swing dance originating in Harlem jazz clubs in the 1930s. If you stick around, they may even teach you a few steps!

Black & Tan Hall

5608 Rainier Ave S
Seattle, WA, 98118
(206) 327-9466

The Black & Tan Hall is a performing arts community space and restaurant opening this year in Seattle's Hillman City District.