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Bonnie Hopper Exhibition

Wa Na Wari is proud to present the art of Bonnie Hopper.

Bonnie Hopper was born and raised in Seattle, Washington and is one of thirteen children. In 1987 she applied to and was accepted into the advertising art program at Seattle Community College where she studied art for two years. Although art has always played an important role in Bonnie’s life, she did not pursue her dream of becoming a professional artist until 2008 when she was commissioned to do a portrait by a friend of the family. In 2016, Bonnie began her association with Onyx Fine Arts Collective in Seattle taking part in the “Truth B Told”exhibition for artists of African descent at the King Street Station where she sold several of her resin works.

Bonnie said, “My work tends to be tactile. I’ve always been drawn to the idea of creating art that people can experience through touch as well as sight. My subjects are a series of observations pulled from the onrush of the everyday life. For example a visual snapshot of something completely mundane will strike a chord and lead me on a journey. If I’m blessed, at the end of that journey they’ll be an extraordinary work of art. Since I seldom know what a piece will look like until it’s finished, I can only plan so far and that’s part of the excitement. For me painting is about pleasure, mystery and sensuality, a safe port of call for my Muse to land and shed her inhibitions on the way to self-discovery. Finally, art is taking a giant leap of faith over the threshold into the unknown where judgment is suspended, and beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder.”

Wa Na Wari

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Seattle, WA, 98122
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Wa Na Wari creates space for ​Black ownership, possibility, and belonging ​through art, historic preservation, and connection. Wa Na Wari means "Our Home" in Kalabari. Co-founder, Inye Wokoma, is Kalabari through his father's lineage. The name Wa Na Wari evokes a sense of purpose and intention to remain present in a place we consider home.