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FÈIS SEATTLE 2022 – Festival of Scottish Gaelic Language, Music, and Culture


Embrace a living tradition! We bring together a thriving community of Scottish Gaelic language, music, and culture with tradition bearers from Scotland and Cape Breton. Evening cèilidhs, walks on the beach, waulking the tweed, visiting with old friends, and making new ones… It’s the Highland way!

Whether you’re interested in fiddle, harp, whistle, guitar, Gaelic song or language, we have something for everyone.

Covid-19 Requirements as of Sunday, March 13, 2022:

We have been closely monitoring the current situation and rapidly changing requirements. We will be following CDC and State requirements to use best practices to keep our presenters and attendees safe during the Fèis. We will be requiring proof of vaccination from attendees. Documentation should be emailed to If you have a medical exemption, we ask that you provide a copy of the exemption as well as a negative test result taken 24 hours prior to checking in at the Fèis. Anyone may wear a mask at the Fèis if they choose! We will update our requirements as we get nearer to the end of June.


Gaelic LanguageIf you have never studied Gaelic before or have had minimal exposure to the language, sign up as a Beginner. If you have some Gaelic but have trouble getting past “Hi, how are you?” then the Emerging level is a good choice. Try Advanced if you can carry on short conversations in Gaelic, or Immersion for the total Gaelic experience with limited English.

Language Tutors:
Sophie Stephenson – Level 1
Margaret Nicolson – Level 2
Angela MacDonald – Level 3
Catriona Parsons – Immersion

Gaelic SongStudy a broad range of songs in this class. Singing is such an important part of Gaelic culture that in addition to being offered as a major subject, there will be ample opportunity for all participants to learn and sing together. Come learn some of the most beautiful melodies in the world.