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Grupo Cultural Oaxaqueño

A celebration of Oaxacan music, dance, and culture. ¡VIVA OAXACA!  is our first performance in nearly three years and we are honored to have you join us. We are dedicated to promoting the rich cultural traditions of Oaxaca, Mexico in Seattle, and to passing on the music, dance, language, and values to young people of Oaxacan descent while sharing these with a broader community. Come share with us the beauty of our immigrant culture.

Performers are members of Banda Gozona quartet and 30 or so dancers of all-ages from Grupo Cultural Oaxaqueño.

Seattle Center Festál

Seattle Center, 305 Harrison Street
Seattle, WA, 98109
(206) 684-7200

To see 2021 Virtual Festal Schedule click on EchoX Directory LInk.

Festál is a free series of annual ethnically-related festivals that take place on the grounds of Seattle Center in Seattle, Washington. A major cultural program of Seattle, these festivals aim to celebrate and connect the city to its varied ethnic and international community. Most festivals contain various arts performances (dances, theatre, musical ensembles, films), dances, marketplace and other programs. These have also come to be the annual gathering place for ethnic groups of the community. Both older and younger people attend, especially the dances and musical concerts.