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Native Youth Olympics 2023 Junior Celebration

Our Alaska Native ancestors developed traditional contests to develop abilities crucial to everyday life. Competition with one another honed the abilities needed to successfully hunt and fish for daily survival in the traditional way of life. The creators of the NYO Games wanted to demonstrate these skills and preserve the traditional contests and culture of their forefathers. This vision has been realized and is now witnessed by people worldwide thanks to the involvement of many dedicated student athletes, coaches, volunteers, and the support of generous corporate sponsors and individual donors.

Native Youth Olympic (NYO) Games

3600 San Jeronimo Drive
Anchorage, AK, 99508
(907) 793-3412

These traditional athletic contests and northern games develop the strength and skill countless generations of Alaskan Native people depended on for survival in everyday life. Today’s NYO Games Alaska carries on in this spirit by encouraging young people to strive for their personal best while instilling the values needed for success.