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The language of the land

From The University of Washington – Lecturer Tami Hohn is reacquainting students with the Southern Lushootseed language.

Iftar in isolation

From Eater – With physical distancing in place during the holy month of Ramadan , Muslims around the world are still finding ways to celebrate with one another.

How Virtual Beading Circles Are Empowering Indigenous Women

From Vogue – Indigenous women are not letting the pandemic stop them form sharing the power and legacy of traditional beading circles.

45 Years after the Fall of Saigon: A Coming of Age

From The South Seattle Emerald – Joe Nguyen, Washington state senator for the 34th District, reflects on the vibrant and dynamic legacy of Vietnamese Americans.

“Lessons learned” hides the South Vietnamese perspective

From The South Seattle Emerald – journalist Julie Pham centers the South Vietnamese perspective in this meditation about the legacy of America’s war in Vietnam.

How Technology Helps Preserve Endangered Indigenous Languages

From YES! magazine – Tribal members are using technology to their advantage, learning, documenting and invigorating indigenous languages.

“Essential” status means jobs for farmworkers, but greater virus risk

From NPR – farmworkers are still expected to go continue working since they are deemed essential workers. Still, being out in the fields increases the risk of being exposed to coronavirus.

As farm work carries on, some worry about becoming Washington state’s new coronavirus epicenter

From The Seattle Times – workers in Washington’s Yakima Valley are concerned about health and safety measures during coronavirus even though employers have been instructed to “facilitate” social distancing.

How coronavirus threatens the seasonal farmworkers at the heart of the American food supply

From The Conversation – Conditions for farm workers put them at heightened risk as the coronavirus crisis continues. That could mean potential impacts on their health and well-being as well as the nation’s food supply.