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The Lion Dance in 8,000 Dominoes!

From Hevesh5 – Expert domino mastermind Lily Hevesh creates this domino setup of a traditional Lunar New Year lion dance and reflects on her experience as a Chinese born adoptee.

Perspective: Reclaiming My Other New Year

From South Seattle Emerald – Writer Julie Pham reflects on how, over decades and continents, she has created her own community and traditions for Tet, the Vietnamese new year.

Paula Madison’s Personal Crusade To Tell the History Of Chinese in the Caribbean

From Center for Asian American Media – Former NBC executive Paula Madison’s personal search for her maternal grandfather unveils the story of Chinese merchants in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Lunar New Year 2021: Year of the Ox

From EchoX – Its Lunar New Year! Celebrated by many Asian communities around the world, this important celebration has a wealth of unique lived traditions. Explore the resources we’ve collected to start learning more about Lunar New Year and stay...

Black Players Once Dominated Mexican Football

From Daily Chela – When Black players were barred from playing in Major League Baseball, many found opportunity in playing the sport in Mexico.

Chuminh Tofu’s Free Sunday Meals Offer a Model for Community Aid

From International Examiner – Even through the pandemic, Chuminh Tofu owner Tanya Nguyen and dedicated volunteers have continued to provide for the city’s unhoused neighbors.

Lalo Guerrero: The Father Of Chicano Music

From Daily Chela – A look back at how Lalo Guerrero captured the complexity of being Mexican American through his music and lyrics.

“Lift Every Voice and Sing” Hymn Ignites Hope Across Nation

From The Skanner – This July 2020 article visits the powerful story and impact of the Black national anthem.

Immigrant Families Reconnect to Cultural Practices During the Pandemic

From YES! Magazine – As the pandemic continues and people are spending more time at home away from family and loved ones, cultural traditions and recipes serve as a soothing comfort.