Ethnic Cultural Heritage Online Exchange

A community in harmony with its diversity.
-Vision Statement

Too often, communities of color, immigrant communities, and Indigenous communities are misrepresented or rendered invisible in mainstream media and public policy. At EchoX, we believe that everyone has a story to tell and that communities can, and should, reclaim space to define their narratives with their own voices.

Our name, EchoX, stands for Ethnic Cultural Heritage Online Exchange, a place for sharing and exchanging stories, experiences, and information.

Seattle with Mt. Rainier, Alex Gorey, via Unsplash

To find our way forward toward achieving this EchoX vision, we must know where we come from, respect others’ stories, and continually ground ourselves in place.  

We carry our cultures, alive and dynamic as they are, with us. 

EchoX’s goal is to be an equitable sharing venue where we can build greater awareness about the cultures that make up our community. Rather than speak for others, we hold digital space to empower and motivate each of us to have a direct online voice, especially those whose narratives are often misrepresented and continue to be suppressed.

“Crossing barriers, connecting cultures.”Tim Berners-Lee

—Mission Statement

Everyone has a story to tell, and our vision is for our community to be in harmony with its diversity. This vision is implemented through our equitable sharing platform to build greater awareness about the cultures that make up our community.

Our mission is focused on practical ways to reach that vision by “crossing barriers and connecting cultures” through amplifying community voice (or “own voices”). Through this work, mutual understanding is increased both within and between communities.

The EchoX platform equitably engages and connects the many thriving cultural communities that find their home in the Pacific Northwest.  

We have four target areas:

  • Advancing digital access and literacy
  • Building community resource networks
  • Highlighting narratives across community groups
  • Empowering youth identity and voice through digital, multimedia storytelling

We have four main initiatives:


  • Voices:  articles and stories highlighting ethnic and cultural communities
  • Directory:  listings of community resources, organizations and groups
  • Calendar: a collection of community event listings which the user can find and add to
  • Digitize: a youth-driven platform for collaborations, mutual engagement, and creative expression 
Holding Hands, Tim Mossholder, via Unsplash

EchoX: A site’s inspiration and aspiration

Stories and storytelling are what connect us to our humanity. They link us to our past and provide a glimpse into the future. We as humans have always told stories as a way to create meaning out of the chaos of human existence. We are drawn to and moved by stories to which we can individually relate. 

The varied stories of our different ethnic and cultural communities are what will inform and motivate positive action while establishing long-term emotional connections. 

The EchoX portal is therefore focused on motivating us all to share experiences, journeys, lives, cultures, and our humanity with each other while calling out to every American to celebrate the amazing technicolor diversity that surrounds us.

EchoX invites your active participation.  What’s your story?

Rialto Beach, Olympic National Park, Washington/Fighting Irish/Flickr/Creative Commons License 2.0

King County Office of Equity and Social Justice, The Emmett Shear Charitable Trust, a Donor Advised Fund of Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Norcliffe Foundation, 4Culture, Stillaguamish Tribe of Indians, University Lions Club, Tulalip Tribes Charitable Contributions, Robert Chinn Foundation,   Davenport Family Foundation a Donor Advised Fund of Fidelity Charitable Foundation, Peg and Rick Young Family Foundation. 

Latino Community Fund, Washington Hall, Seattle Center, Key Tech Labs.

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