Our name, EchoX, stands for Ethnic Cultural Heritage Online Exchange, a place for sharing and exchanging stories, experiences, and information.

A mural painted on a brick wall of an Indigenous woman in a wide spectrum of colors.(Anderson Guerra / Pexels)
Eduardo Kobra’s Etnias mural

EchoX is a digital equity advocacy organization that empowers and amplifies cultural communities through digital technologies and the power of story. Our pioneering portal crosses barriers and connects cultures by cultivating spaces that amplify voices, connect communities, and empower future generations.

Ten years ago, the co-founders of EchoX met with Northwest community leaders, organizations, and educators. They learned that the largest concern for our region’s ethnic community organizations was online visibility.

In response, we created this pioneering portal that crosses barriers and connects cultures by cultivating spaces that amplify voices, connect communities, and empower future generations.

At EchoX, we believe that everyone has a story to tell and that communities can reclaim space to define their narratives with their own voices. Our vision: a community in harmony with its diversity.

Centering Digital Equity

EchoX was founded to advance digital equity by increasing the digital visibility of cultural communities and their work, advancing digital access and literacy for BIPOC teens, and providing free, culturally responsive, intersectional programs and services.

DIGITIZE: A youth-driven program for collaboration and creative expression. This hybrid program creates space for teens to express their identities in a supportive peer-to-peer environment, while increasing their access to digital literacy.

Voices: A curated newsfeed that consolidates and amplifies cross-generational ethnic community voices.

Directory: A collection of centralized cultural community resources like organizations and artists.

Calendar: Listings of public community events around our service area.

Service Area

We serve cultural community(s) in WA, OR, ID, and AK. We continue to broaden and deepen our programs and services for these areas. This year our goal is to increase representation on our site for the following areas: Eastern WA, OR, ID, and AK.

Help us increase representation by emailing organizations, events, and community stories to from your area or community.

A view from atop a hill overlooking a cloudy lake surrounded by forest and hills with the caption "Land Acknowledgement"
Mount Storm King, Washington, USA

King County Office of Equity and Social Justice, ArtsFund, Andrew & Edelveis Clapp, The Charlotte Martin Foundation, The Norcliffe Foundation, 4Culture, Suquamish Tribe, Muckleshoot Tribe, Tulalip Tribes Charitable Contributions, City of Seattle, City of Bellevue,  Washington Hall, The Davenport Family Foundation

GWest, Bud Bard, JoAnne Lee, Assunta Ng, Peter Davenport, Peter Lam, Ann Wright