Plumes of colored powder are thrown into the air to celebrate Holi, the Hindu festival of spring.

From Voices Staff – The Hindu festival of Holi is known around the world for is joy and colorful celebrations. Here we’ve collected resources to learn more about the festival. We also consider the thin line between appreciation and appropriation when it comes to celebrating the festival – or an event like it.

From Seattle Neighborhoods (by Nacala Ayele) – Joy is more than an emotion — it is a powerful political act that signals to the world that Black People have the power and nearly supernatural resilience to choose freedom even in the face of systemic domination and oppression.

This is part of a series by Seattle Department of Neighborhoods called “Reimagining Black History Month” by Reagan Jackson.

This year, in honor of Day of Remembrance, view community photos and stories from the Japanese American WWII incarceration. Visit #WhoWeRemember on social media to view more community photos and stories collected by Densho for 2023’s Day of Remembrance.

All photos and video in this article are courtesy of Densho, a Seattle-based non-profit that works to “preserve Japanese American stories of the past for the generations of tomorrow.”

From Seattle Collegian (by Mo Dulitz) – For the entire month of February, Rainier Avenue Radio, now operating from the Columbia City Theater, will be presenting a museum dedicated to sharing Seattle’s Black history.

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A view from atop a hill overlooking a cloudy lake surrounded by forest and hills with the caption "Land Acknowledgement"
Mount Storm King, Washington, USA
(Brenda Rodriguez/EchoX)

All of us at EchoX deeply believe in the value of being in connection with one another, our communities, and the land that nourishes us all. In a culture of xenophobia, othering, bigotry, and racism, we stand against hate in all its forms—regardless of who it targets.

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