(Brenda Rodriguez/EchoX)
A mural in Newberg, Oregon, represents giving and generosity, receiving and gratitude, and embracing.

All of us at EchoX deeply believe in the value of being in connection with one another, our communities, and the land that nourishes us all. In a culture of xenophobia, othering, bigotry, and racism, we stand against hate in all its forms—regardless of who it targets.  

It is unfortunate that as a result of white supremacy as well as cultural erasure and genocide, the common understanding of “American” has become “White, European.” It is crucial to remember that, besides our Indigenous relatives, we are all newcomers to this land. 

Throughout history, people from around the world have come to what is now known as the United States for a variety of reasons. Some have been in search of a home that is safe and secure. Others arrived via forced migration or through the slave trade. 

The legacy of white supremacy has used division tactics to maintain power across the world and pit communities against one another. In the United States, we have seen this injustice play out through the legacies of colonization, slavery, immigration policies, and systemic racism—all of which marginalizes Indigenous, Black, LatinX, Asian, and other communities of color. 

We are committed to actively resisting these divisions, creating opportunities for cross-community connection, education, dialogue, and celebration.  

An integral part of our mission is to acknowledge that, as human beings, we want to live in harmony with one another in shared spaces. This requires us to understand each other’s stories, histories, and cultures. Our experience in the Pacific Northwest is a combination of relationships between the land we live on and the people we live with. Investing in our shared experience means taking the effort to learn about the stories that brought us to this place and connect us with each other. Though not everyone will agree on a single story, we serve to honor the real lived experiences of all the people who live in the Pacific Northwest. 

Our staff and board are multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-racial and are part of various ethnic and cultural traditions. We are drawn together by a desire to create a community in harmony with its diversity. The world we envision is one where we are enriched by one another’s unique cultures, histories, identities, and experiences—where we can appreciate and thrive together in a garden of humanity.  

In solidarity, 

—EchoX Staff and Board