DIGITIZE provides high school students with digital tools and a platform to creatively and collaboratively engage in multimedia storytelling. We are youth-driven and community-oriented. We recognize place-based experiences and digital literacy as both crucial skills for the future. By building leadership skills and cross-cultural awareness, our students begin early adulthood confident and well-equipped to amplify their voices.


A new school year is starting!

DIGITIZE is recruiting middle and high school students for its youth council and holding more events and workshops.

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  1. Foster a diverse community that brings awareness to all cultures 
  2. Broadening digital literacy and communication skills 
  3. Increase access to technology to amplify student voice and creativity 
  4. Developing leadership skills in the digital age

Current Initiatives

Youth Council

Our Youth Council is the core of DIGITIZE. This Council meets regularly to plan events, help guide the DIGITIZE initiatives, develop leadership skills for the future and connect over shared interests and identities. Due to COVID the Youth Council and DIGITIZE are undergoing some reframing.  If you would like to be a part of this conversation please contact us at and let us hear your ideas.

Python Summer Camp

Digital Literacy builds agency and self-determination making it a crucial skill for the digital age. Our summer camp teaches students Python, an easy-to-read coding language, to create programs and create innovative digital content.

Due to COVID-19 precautions, the 2020 and 2021 Python Summer Camp were cancelled.  In 2020 we had an online mentorship program for 2019 participants.  In spring of 2020 we will revisit how to once again start up the Python Mini-Summer Camps.  Contact us at if you would like to be on our mailing list to receive Python Summer Camp updates.  

Vox Pops

Listen to our friends and family talk about their favorite family traditions and customs by going to our YouTube channel. Our Digitize Co-chair, Jared, edited the content himself including translations from different languages. 

Plans for the Future

Community Engagement and Place-Based Learning

DIGITIZE envisions hosting monthly outings for students to meet new people and learn more about the Coast Salish or Puget Sound region’s rich diversity. These trips will be planned by the Youth Council and are meant to allow students to pursue their curiosities. These excursions will be opportunities for meaningful cross-cultural dialogues and hold space for students to explore their identities as multifaceted people.

A two day workshop about HTML and creating websites without templates!


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