An elderly woman speaks in front of a classroom. On the whiteboard are words in an Indigenous language.
Northwest Indian Language Institute

From Indian Country Today (by McKayla Lee) – 2022 marks the 25th year of the Northwest Indian Language Institute and its work to revitalize the Pacific Northwest’s endangered Native Languages.

A woman in black stands with a narwhal balloon on a sidewalk next to a sign that says 'Panama Hotel Tea & Coffee'
Jan Johnson

From The North American Post (by Elaine Ikoma Ko) – An interview with Jan Johnson, owner and operator of the historic Panama Hotel and Tea House.

From Tulalip News (by Micheal Rios) – With swədaʔx̌ali (Lushootseed for ‘Place of Mountain Huckleberries’), the Tulalip Tribes are reclaiming a traditional area to give their members access to huckleberry gathering.

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