Artist Spotlight: Minnie Collins

EchoX is honored to partner with one of our first directory participants, the African-American Writers’ Alliance (AAWA), to present the following series of poetry and prose from a collective of writersOver the course of the next few Wednesdays, we will share poetry and prose from one of these incredibly talented writers. This Wednesday we are proud to share the work of Minnie Collins. 

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Minnie Collins 

Drifting on street light rhythms

Whispering questions: What? How? Why? How long? 

Bonding friend and foe, 

Finding joy and magic: 

Four-feet layer cakes with two-inch crystal frostings 

Cool-whipped topped laurels 

Whisked whites on meringue topped hydrangeas 

Ribbon candy, rainbow sparkle ice, and lemon sorbet ponds; 

Dunes for snowboarders, inner tubers, and skiers; 

Evergreen canopies sheltering seeds for scurrying footprints 

Replenishing thirsty tubers longing for sun. 

Nature’s spellbinders.

© Minnie Collins


Minnie A. Collins, award-winning English professor Emerita, is the author of The Purple Wash (Classic Day 2012), Palm Power: Hearts in Harmony (Vert Volta Design 2018), Seattle’s Historic Liberty Bank Building Apartments’ Commemorative Plaques (2019), and “Troubled Waters” (YouTube Mahogany Project 2020). She is published in Raven ChroniclesEmerald ReflectionsFly to the Assemblies! Seattle and the Rise of the ResistanceVoices That MatterThreads, WASCC Humanities Association’s Avocet-A Journal of Nature PoetrySouth Seattle Emerald online, and is an artist with Seattle’s 4Culture’s Touring Arts Roster (TAR). Her books are available at Third Place Books and the Seattle Public Library.

Her writing journey includes journaling, poetry, short stories, essays, script writing, readings at galleries, bookstores, libraries, colleges, museums, and meaningful dialogues. Compassion for nature and equity is her mantra.

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