New project spotlights work of modern Indigenous American artists

“Forge Project is a Native-led initiative centered on Indigenous art, decolonial education, and supporting leaders in culture, food security, and land justice. Located on the unceded homelands of the Muh-he-con-ne-ok in Upstate New York, Forge Project works to upend political and social systems formed through generations of settler colonialism.

Launched in 2021, Forge Project serves the social and cultural landscape of shared communities through a funded fellowship program for Indigenous culture workers, including those working in food and land justice, law and decolonial governance, and art. Forge hosts Native-led public education and events, a lending art collection focused on contemporary art by Indigenous artists, and art-,land-, and food-based educational programming at the Community Learning Kitchen developed in partnership with Sky High Farm.”

(Text from Forge Project’s website)

Excerpt from the piece:

Candice Hopkins: There were so many good Native artists working in contemporary art, but they still weren’t getting the big shows. It was a kind of — the beginnings of a kind of national conversation that had been coming actually since the ’60s. But what they needed was […] allies in these large institutions.

A colourful sculpture stands in the center of a room with colourful art on the walls.PBS

Listen (or read) the PBS piece.

Visit the Forge Project.

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