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18th Annual Tasveer Film Festival

October 12, 2023 - October 22, 2023

After years of relentless dedication and hard work, Tasveer is ecstatic to stand proudly beside a festival that has not just transcended boundaries but shattered them entirely. This year, Tasveer has etched its name in history as the first-ever Oscar-qualifying film festival within the South Asian realm.

This prestigious recognition from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences is a culmination of our tireless efforts and unwavering commitment to the South Asian dream. It signifies a monumental shift in the landscape of South Asian cinema, streamlining the path for deserving films. Winning at Tasveer now opens a direct gateway for these films to enter the esteemed Oscar race, eliminating the need for intermediaries and allowing authentic South Asian narratives to shine unfiltered and unmediated.

No longer confined to the limitations of a handful of film festivals like Sundance, Tribeca, or Cannes, which often restrict the visibility and screening opportunities for South Asian films, this recognition empowers our cinema to compete on the grandest stage.

Oct 12th-15th: In theaters in Seattle
Oct 16th-22nd: Virtual on TasveerTV


Redmond, WA, 98074

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