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Artist Chat with Alyssa Quintyne

November 15, 2023

Join Alyssa Quintyne and Donald Crocker in a discussion about her latest exhibition Please Take Care and get all the backstory and details behind it.

Her work focuses on people, their identities, and relaying their ethereal characteristics. Her incorporation of flora, life cycles, figure, and social justice are common themes in Alyssa’s work that tie her subjects to the tangible and intangible. Her mediums include watercolor, ink, gold foil, and colored pencil.

“Please Take Care is an exhibition about my recent journey through chronic illness and climate anxiety. I’ve dealt with medical issues all my life, but over the past year I’ve dealt with a developing heart condition that became debilitating. I often found that my feelings overlayed what was happening around me outside – the vetch boom seemed to feel just like the creepy anxiety of managing my new symptoms, the flooding out in Circle matched my powerlessness with a new diagnosis, the butterflies seem to come right at my 2 month-versary of no ER visits. Now that I’m on the mend, I decided the best way to process this new normal for me was to be cathartic and create another way to look at my condition, the climate crises, and the life ahead of me.”
-Alyssa Quintyne