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Black Homeowner Dinner

November 4, 2023

CACE21 invites you to bring in the fall season with us and reflect on the past year. We began these community meetings 1-year ago to offer a space where Black homeowners can dine together and engage in peer-to-peer discussions on the state of Black homeownership in the Central District & South Seattle. Saturday, Nov. 4th we want to celebrate the work we’ve accomplished together in partnership with Seattle’s Office of Planning & Community Development.

Please join us for an evening of food and discussion of land trust conservancies, land-use zoning & the origins of Wa Na Wari’s CACE21 project.

Wa Na Wari

911 24th Ave
Seattle, WA, 98122
(206) 485-7563

Sited in a fifth-generation, Black-owned home, Wa Na Wari is an immersive community art project that reclaims Black cultural space and makes a statement about the importance of Black land ownership in gentrified communities. Our mission is to create space for Black ownership, possibility, and belonging through art, historic preservation, and connection. Referred to as a "container for Black joy,” Wa Na Wari incubates and amplifies Black art and belonging while providing a safe space for organizing and movement building. By renting a house from a vulnerable Black homeowner, and giving that space back to the Black community, Wa Na Wari is an active model for how Black art and culture can combat gentrification and displacement.