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From Rhythm to Routine: Understanding Newborn Rest with Jazzy Bryant!

October 15, 2023

About the Webinar: It is clear through the expectation of sleep deprived parenthood that our communities have become unwelcoming to the rhythm of the newborn. We are told not to expect any sleep during the newborn stage while also being told that rest is a crucial part of postpartum healing and infant development. In this webinar we will discuss the rhythm of newborn sleep and how to safely adapt to this rhythm in a way that will set the foundation for a familial routine around rest.

About Jazzy: Jazzy Bryant is a mixed Black and Indigenous nonbinary birth worker who is passionate about radical care and reproductive justice as a liberatory and community led framework. Like many intuitive caregivers, Jazzy has always been called to care for those around them, especially the youngins and parenting folk in their life. Early on they discovered the power of nourishing bonds and openhearted support in building resilience and self determination that can last many lifetimes. On their own healing journey, Jazzy discovered the importance of birth and postpartum care in improving perinatal outcomes within their communities as well as a way of remembering Black and Indigenous knowledges around childrearing. Jazzy honors and channels their ancestors as they continue to remember and decolonize their authentic ways of being.

Lifewerq Project

Seattle, WA

QTBIPOC network of care across birth, trans, reproductive justice & liberation that centers Black & Indigenous intuitive knowledge.