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Native Leadership Institute Alaska

November 8, 2023 - November 12, 2023

Exciting Announcement! Alaska, home to the largest Native population share in the nation, is taking a powerful step towards amplifying Native voices in elected office. Did you know that out of the 178,000+ Native people residing in the state, only 58 currently hold elected positions?

Joining forces with @nativepeoplesaction, the #NativeLeadershipInstitute will be empowering Native leaders in Alaska to run for office – and win! Despite representing at least 24.4% of the population, Native peoples hold a mere 3% of elected offices in our great state.

📢 We’re thrilled to announce our first in-person training class in Alaska scheduled for November 8-12, 2023. This first-of-its kind program will equip Native leaders in Alaska with the skills, knowledge, and support they need to make a significant impact in the political landscape.

Are you ready to make history? Join us for this transformative training, and help reshape Native representation in Alaska’s elected offices. Together, let’s weave the threads of our ancestral teachings into the fabric of Alaska’s political landscape, fostering inclusivity, environmental stewardship, and cultural preservation for generations to come!

To learn more about the #NativeLeadershipInstitute and start your application, click on the link in our bio.

This training is offered at no cost to participants. Transportation, accommodation, and meals will be provided by Advance Native Political Leadership Action Fund.

Advance Native Political Leadership

We are a national Native-led organization working to increase equity and representation for Indigenous people in U.S. politics. #BuildNativePower