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November Leadership Development Trainings: Black ‘n’ Advocacy pt.1

November 3, 2023

Black ‘n’ Advocacy covers the process for navigating legislative advocacy at Surge Reproductive Justice, with a focus on Washington state. This training was born out of the lived experience and political analysis of Black anti-racist organizers and legislative advocates attempting to work within “the system” and quickly identifying the pitfalls of that system and what working around it looks like in service of our communities. This online training is highly interactive, and approximately 3 hours long. We welcome people from all backgrounds to attend!

Surge Reproductive Justice believes in the power of political education and collective analysis building, they offer leadership development trainings every trimester. It’s that time! These trainings are opportunities to deepen your understanding and commitment to anti-racism, reproductive justice, and legislative advocacy through a Black feminist lens. They are also a great way to build community with like-spirited people from around the country in an accessible and fun way.

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