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October Community Tour

October 26, 2023

Visit us for a community tour and film screening on Thursday, October 26th from 6-8pm with multimedia movement artist and 2022 NACF LIFT artist Olivia Camfield of the Muscogee Creek Nation. Their work includes experimental film and movement using horror, sci-fi, and Indigenous Queer Futurism practices in cinematic narratives. Camfield is a tattoo artist whose hand poke practice is based in Southeastern and Mississippian Indigenous tattoo traditions, creating designs for Southeastern people that imagine the possibilities of those tattoos’ into the future and the new shapes they may take. They are also doing extensive work around seed and food sovereignty.

Camfield will be presenting their LIFT project, Rid, a Native horror short film that builds around a Mvskoke person seeking revenge on abusers who prey on Indigenous community members and until now, have never been held accountable. After each escalation of revenge and violence, they are left to reckon with the spiritual responsibility of their actions. Camfield troubles the narrative with experimental storytelling techniques, including movement. Guests will have an opportunity to meet Olivia Camfield and learn more about their work.

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