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One With the Waters

September 8, 2023 - December 5, 2023

Native Action Network is proud to present the exhibition One With the Waters featuring artwork by Sarah Folden. A member of the Cowlitz Tribe, Sarah creates contemporary Coast Salish art inspired by her connection to place. Her work celebrates the vitality of Cowlitz people, their bold and colorful spirits, ancestral waters, animal relatives and all connected in nature. Cowlitz people are water-going people who refused to sign treaties with the federal government. This has created a diverse population. Over time many have traveled from their ancestral waters, some even across oceans, but much like our salmon relatives, there is an instinctive drive that calls Native people home. Sarah Folden’s artwork is created in honor of those still here, those who have made that voyage and those who are awakening to their internal calling to return.

Native Action Network

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Our greatest inspiration comes from the founding members of the American Indian Women's Service League who recognized early on the social issues Native people would face when the federal government passed the Indian Relocation Act in the early 1950s.