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Sewing Workshop

September 8, 2023

Day Two – 9/8/2023
Learn how to measure the upper body. We’ll learn how to create your top pattern by reading off your measurements. We’ll sew the patterns together as I teach you on how to sew in the zipper of your Puletasi top as our finish touch. Creating a plain style simple Puletasi top to go with your Puletasi skirt we made in our first sewing class.

More About Traditional Puletassi Ensembles:

The puletasi, a delightful ensemble, consists of a skirt and a top cleverly paired together. These two pieces may come in matching fabric, or one can opt for a solid-colored skirt combined with a patterned top. The skirt is typically a wrap skirt or ‘ie lavalava, thoughtfully designed with ties that gracefully wrap around the waist, ensuring a perfect fit. To add an elegant touch for formal events or performances, adornments made from tapa cloth, woven flax, or other exquisite materials may be layered around the waist, enhancing the overall look. In recent times, this traditional attire has seen exciting innovations, featuring diverse styles and creative improvisations to suit individual tastes and preferences.

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