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Skokomish Tribal Members Art Exhibit: Creation Story

September 27, 2023 - November 12, 2023

This exhibit features the work of Skokomish artists Denise Emerson and Hailey Brown. Inspired by their shared background as Skokomish tribal members, the exhibit is an exploration and conversation across generations and mediums. The artworks represent the hearts and minds of their makers and the endurance and transformation of what it means to be Skokomish.

In community with arnaq, hana’ack, smɁem, Creation Story celebrates indigenous women and their stories. With this exhibit, Columbia City Gallery continues the growing movement to support the art and culture of Indigenous peoples in the Pacific Northwest. Curated by Lena Ishel Rodriguez, proud Mexican of Nahua descent in her solo curatorial debut. Previously Lena contributed to Cosmic Beings in Mesoamerican and Andean Art at Seattle Art Museum, and Inside the Mask at the Hammer Museum.