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The Immigration Resident Film Premiere

October 20, 2023

Latinos En Spokane invites you to an exclusive screening of our documentary, The Immigration Resident. This film commemorates Latino migration history, their economic contributions to our state, our organization’s advocacy work, and local Latino immigrant stories.

The Immigration Resident:
When a father is separated from his 5-year-old child by Border Patrol, when a mother journeys across three countries to seek cancer treatment for her daughter, and when a city allows Border Patrol to racially profile people of color, the consequences are devastating to our community and future generations.

On The Horizon Films captures the realities Latinos live through to overcome the unjust immigration system, a global pandemic, the Trump era, and systemic community barriers to justice.

The Immigration Resident commemorates Latino immigrant history, their labor and contribution to our state, and the collective struggle faced by community organizations.

The title “The Immigration Resident” refers to those who come to the US undocumented from other countries. It carries hidden meanings, such as a “dent” in the ratio or census of the residents in a specific community, suggesting that some Immigrants are not being accounted for in population numbers. It also implies that immigrants are present and positively impacting communities.

The event will be held at the historic Montvale Hotel. The night will include a social hour, dinner services, guest speakers, the film screening, and an awards ceremony for our community allies.

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We are an organization that supports citizen participation, integration, community development, and empowerment of the Latino population in Spokane.