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Viaje del Salmón en Cedar River

October 15, 2023

Join the Seattle Aquarium and MEXAM NW Festival for a walking tour along the Cedar River.

A guided tour by environmental conservation experts to see the spawning salmon and learn about these amazing animals, an excellent opportunity to take a nature walk with nature conservation specialists and learn more about the epic journey salmon take from the ocean to the Cedar River to reproduce, learn why these amazing fish are so important to the environmental health of the Pacific Northwest, and discover how we can help these special creatures return to the Cedar River.

MEXAM Northwest Festival

807 E Roy St
Seattle, WA, 98102

MEXAM NW 2022 is a multi-event, multi-venue, festival that showcases contemporary Mexican and Mexican-American Culture.

In addition to being curated by the consulate of Mexico in Seattle, MEXAM is proudly supported by local partners and community members who have come together in a joint effort to celebrate the relationship between Mexico and the United States.