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Violence on Indigenous Lands is Violence on Indigenous Bodies and Futures

December 6, 2023

Since time immemorial, Indigenous peoples have experienced the connection between land and body. This connection has sustained many ways of life, teachings, and values. The disconnection of those relations through the removal of Indigenous peoples from their ancestral homes and its impact on Indigenous bodies, spirituality, identity, and culture is evident in the long history of these violently forced changes. There is still much to be discussed in understanding that violence against Indigenous lands is also a threat of violence to Indigenous women, families, and communities. The interconnected link between Indigenous lands and women and families is the core of Indigenous prosperity and future. If one is threatened, so is the other.

This webinar focuses on how land/environmental violence specifically impacts maternal and reproductive health, spiritual well-being, and emotional safety.
Our presenter will discuss the challenges and repercussions encountered by their community and neighboring communities stemming from ongoing land violence. Our presenter will also share how Indigenous culture, teachings, and activism are a guide for a pathway to healing, health, birth sovereignty, and justice.