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Voices of the River Journal Launch Party: Volume 2

November 17, 2023

Join Confluence for the launch of the second volume of the Voices of the River journal! Voices of the River is a journal that explores the Columbia River system’s history, living cultures, and ecology through Indigenous voices. Volume II’s theme (The Legacy of Dams and the Return of the Salmon) is posed to invite meditation on our past, present, and future: What is the legacy of damming the Columbia? What benefits would come from restoring salmon populations to the Columbia and reviving the health of the river?

This issue features articles by Michelle Jacob, Carol Craig, Lindsey Schneider, and Rachel Cushman; poetry by Hii-ne Jake A. DePoe. and Owen L. Oliver; and art by Chanti Manon and Sarah Folden. Join Confluences Lead Editor Dr. David Lewis and cover artist Chanti Manon for a short discussion on the volume, followed by mingling, food, and the first opportunity to buy the journal.


1109 East 5th Street
Vancouver, WA, 98661
(360) 693-0123

Connecting people to the history, living cultures, and ecology of the Columbia River system through Indigenous voices.