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Winter Workshop Series: Fig, Persimmon, Elderberry, and Quince

January 13, 2024

**To learn about as many trees as possible we encourage you to come to multiple workshops If you purchase 3 or more workshops in the series you are eligible for a 20% discount on your order at checkout with code: LEARN2PRUNE
Increase the beauty and productivity of your tip-bearing fruit trees with this hands-on pruning class led by the experienced orchardist Jessie Spain of Tree and Ladder Orchard Care.
In this class, we will cover winter pruning on these wonderful orchard trees: Quince, Persimmon, Elderberry, and Fig.
Timely pruning can improve the shape, strength, and fruit set of your trees, while simultaneously helping to reduce pest and disease pressure. Beginning with a brief introduction to general pruning theory, the class then transitions to working directly with fruit trees, allowing participants the opportunity to practice specific techniques for winter pruning.
Our goal is to help you learn how to make the best cuts on your fruit trees with confidence and skill. This workshop will be held at Jessie’s relatively young orchard which has been very well maintained, so it is a great example of how beautiful and abundant a home orchard can be with regular care and skill.

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