Decolonizing Thanksgiving: Land Acknowledgment

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EchoX acknowledges that we live, work, and gather on Indigenous land 

EchoX is based in the traditional territory of our Lushootseed speaking Coast Salish relatives, the Duwamish (dxʷdəwʔabš), in land that touches the shared ancestral waters of the Suquamish (dxʷsəq̓ʷəb), Tulalip (dx ʷliləp), and Muckleshoot (bǝqǝlšuɫ) nations. We honor these shared lands and waters with gratitude and give thanks to the many Indigenous communities who have been caretakers of the greater Pacific Northwest region since time immemorial. 

Whose land are you on?  

Find out whose land you live, work, and gather on through Native Land Digital – A Canadian nonprofit that uses GIS mapmaking to outline Indigenous territories around the world. They encourage users to explore their interactive map and Territory Acknowledgment Guide in hopes that these resources will create and foster important conversations about colonialism and promote Indigenous narratives!  

Are you considering writing a Land Acknowledgment?  

  • EchoX has created an interactive guide to Indigenous Land and Territorial Acknowledgments. Our guide includes resources to understanding land acknowledgments, why they are important, and thoughts on creating your own. Our goal is to help you draft a Land Acknowledgment that works toward racial equality and goes beyond words! 
  • Native Governance Center, an Indigenous-led nonprofit dedicated to helping Native nations in strengthening their governance systems, created a guide with key components and tips for crafting a land acknowledgment at your next gathering.  

How do you plan to support Indigenous-led organizations? Visit EchoX’s Directory to find Indigenous -led and –focused organizations to support. Don’t see a group or individual who should be on here? Send an email to and someone from our team will amend the list. 

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