Celebrating Pride in the Indigenous community – a video playlist

In honor of Pride weekend, echoX has curated a playlist exploring the stories and legacies of what it means to be a two-spirit person or LGBTQ+ in the Indigenous community. This is part of our initiative to directly highlight community voices.

What does “Two-Spirit” Mean?

How much do you really know about the history of the word “two-Spirit”? Find out on this episode of InQueery hosted by Geo Neptune.

How to balance being Native American and Queer

Zachariah George is a twenty-five-year-old Native American living in the rural outcrop of White Rock, New Mexico. Going by the moniker Mr. Navajo, George wears two hats; the first as a public figure renowned for event speaking and singing in the Navajo language, the second is as an advocate for LGBTQ+ communities.

There’s heart here

Roller derby champion. Activist. Cyclist. Follow three indigenous members of the two Spirit and LGBTQ+ community as they journey toward self-acceptance, supportive healthcare, and the communities that celebrate them.

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Trans And Native: Meet The Indigenous Doctor Giving Them Hope | AJ+

What is it like to provide trans care on an Indigenous reserve that serves 2,400 people in central Alberta? For this Two-Spirit Cree doctor, it’s more than his job. Dr. Makokis created a unique approach to transgender care, combining Indigenous and Western teachings. 

AJ+ followed Dr. Makokis for a day to find out what makes his patients drive 8 hours to see him. Hint: His openness about his identity is a big part of it.

We are here: Nate and Bob (Episode 4 Clip from HBO)

Bob meets with Nate and discusses queerness within the Navajo community. 

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