EchoX Testimonials

Every aspect of EchoX—from our online resources to our paid programming for youth—has been constructed out of our co-founders’ passionate vision to support our region’s ethnic cultural communities and our dedicated staff’s desire to create a space that they lacked as youth. It is not surprising, then—with the overwhelming support of community members, young and old—that we have had tech industry experts and university professors eager to volunteer their services and expertise because of what is at stake: digital equity and representation.

The following are selected testimonials from our staff, community, and professionals chosen to offer as proof of concept:

When I was growing up I didn’t have a place outside of my home where I could explore my cultureI was the only person at my school who was Native American until my sister joined me in high school. I found myself having very few resources to learn about and practice my culture in community. The few things that my teachers pointed me towards were history books written by White authors and so I often felt that there was no place for my culture to be a part of my education. It didn’t feel safe or even remotely true to who I am or the generations that came before me. EchoX is a place where youth can dive deep into their culture. It’s one of the few places I’ve found to be authentic and generative. I didn’t have that growing up, but youth today can thanks to EchoX.” 

Sierra Red Bow, Community Outreach Director

“Working with Sierra and EchoX helped me find ways to talk about my other side (Indonesian). It was something I hadn’t explored before; I usually had focused on my Black side. It was refreshing to think and talk about my entire identity.” 

Virginia, Former DIGITIZE Youth Council Co-President

I loved the fact that we were able to get together and learn from each other through stories. I was also excited to discover the real history behind my mix of cultures and write a personal piece about it. 

Student Participant, “Story Gathering: Workshop”

“There aren’t many workshops like ‘How to Look Cool Online’ that provide BIPOC youth a chance to learn fundamental skills in coding. Everyone involved wants the best for the participants and it shows because during those 3 weeks they were all open to helping us if we needed without any judgement which I appreciated.”

Student Participant, “How to Look Cool Online” Workshop

“The young students who participated in this program were curious, creative, and enthusiastic. They produced websites that reflected their identities, passions, and social concerns. This workshop and the students’ final projects were unique because they avoided the cookie-cutter templates that most website platforms offer today. Instead, the students designed and created their websites from the ground up… What these students accomplished in two weeks was nothing less than impressive!” 

Aaron Ottinger, “How to Look Cool Online” Instructor and (former) Seattle University Professor, DICE (Digital Culture and Technology)

“EchoX’s vision reminds me of what I yearned for as a child—nuanced stories about people straddling cultures and identities told through people with lived knowledge. I volunteer because I want to see that vision become real and because I admire the dedication of a small but mighty staff!” 

Kamna ShastriCommunity Outreach Coordinator at KUOW

“Talk about subsidiarity—the Voices section is rich with personal narratives from a wide range of voices and experiences. The directory section is also helpful. This work is helpful and necessary. I am looking forward to utilizing this website as a resource. I think it could be cool to have students utilize this for coursework and projects—the wheels are turning.”

Sofia Lopez BactolDirector of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Theology Instructor at Bishop Blanchet High School

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