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‘The Loving Story’ Streaming Free Monday

From Peninsula Daily News – the film about Richard and Mildred Loving will be streaming free of cost in honor of Martin Luther King Day.

Wa Na Wari Scales Up To Create a Cultural Ecosystem in the Central District

From Real Change – Wa Na Wari, located in Seattle’s Central District, is creating a sustainable community ecosystem for Black culture and residents to thrive and combat displacement.

Michelle Kumata, A Japanese-American Artist with Brazilian Ancestral Roots

From The North American Post – artist Michelle Kumata documents her family’s history through the “Japanese-Brazilian Diaspora Project”.

Capitol Hill Restaurant Pairs With Overseas Author to Feed Seattle’s Frontline Workers

From Northwest Asian Weekly – Vietnamese author Quế Mai Phan Nguyễn and Seattle restaurant owner Uyên Nguyễn team up in an effort to nourish Seattle healthcare workers.

Jewish Cantors Celebrate Hanukkah With Virtual Concerts

From NPR – Jewish cantors from around the country come together on Zoom to bring melody and festivity to the Jewish community during Hanukkah.

Natives Help Natives in Online Marketplace

From Indian Country Today – a new virtual marketplace creates a space for Indigenous artisans impacted by COVID-19 restrictions to showcase their work online.

Movie Review: The Exiles

A review of the 1961 movie, The Exiles, contemplating the Indian Relocation Act and ruminating its’ effects on America’s Indigenous population both historically and into the present. A commentary on Indian Country’s strength and resilience through adversity.

400 Years After the Mayflower: a Storymap to Decolonize Thanksgiving

From Voices Staff – For Thanksgiving, EchoX staff and board members have curated a Storymap discussing both contemporary and historical issues Indigenous communities have faced in the past and continue to face today. Click here to explore.

A Pacific Northwest Diwali: remembering how the festival of lights has changed over the years

From Voices Staff – Kamna Shastri reflects on Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, and how the festival has changed as she has grown up in the Pacific Northwest.