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Service is Sacred

From Wasat – Wasat is collecting stories of changemakers form their Muslim community during the month of Ramadan. Read more to learn about

How To Celebrate Khmer New Year

From South Seattle Emerald (by Bunthay Cheam) – Seattle’s Khmer community celebrates the solar new year throughout the month of April. In 2021 though, festivities may look a little different to account for social distancing measures.

Bob Shimabukuro: Remembering His Legacy Of Community Activism, Art and Creative Journalism

From International Examiner – Community journalist and activist Bob Shimabukuro passed away on March 20th. Ron Chew pens this moving obituary remembering Shimabukuro’s community-wide impact, kindness, and humor.

¡Si Se Puede! Celebrating Dolores Huerta

April 10th celebrates the life and work of labor rights activist Dolores Huerta. Learn more about Huerta, her work and long-lasting reach through these articles and multi-media sources.

Drawing From Life

From Real Change – Bangladeshi American artist and activist Fahmida Azim talks about making it as an artist and the shift toward more inclusivity in the art world.

Native Communities Seek To Keep the Spirit Of The Powwow Alive During the Pandemic

From South Seattle Emerald – Powwows have been canceled and postponed once again due to COVID precautions. Local Powwow performers and organizers reflect on the significance of song, dance, and gathering for Indigenous communities around the Pacific Northwest and beyond....

The First Japanese American Battery Included a Future Hollywood Actor and a Philanthropist

From Fitt’s Baseball History – While writing his most recent book “The Pioneers of Japanese Baseball”, Robert K. Fitts came across this interesting story about members from the first Japanese American Battery in San Francisco.

“White” Without the Privilege: An Arab American’s Quest To Be Counted

From LAist – Rashad Al-Dabbagh reflects on how Arab Americans and people from the Middle East categorized as “white” under the US Census, a label that does not match or represent real lived experiences especially after 9/11.

America Ruined My Name For Me

From The New Yorker – Author Beth Nguyen explores the complicated and layered reasons behind why she chose to change her name.