Indigenous People’s Day 2023

In 2021, Biden declared the second Monday in October Indigenous Peoples’ Day. However, before Indigenous Peoples’ Day was celebrated at the federal level, there were many decades of advocating for change across the country. It is thanks to the tireless work of activists and advocates across the country convincing local, state, and, eventually, federal governments that a holiday that once commemorated the violent legacy of Christopher Columbus was transformed into a celebration of Indigenous peoples and their many contributions to the area we now call the United States.


1990 South Dakota changes Columbus Day to Native Americans’ Day

1995 United Nations declares August 9 International Day of World Indigenous Peoples’

2014 Seattle recognizes Indigenous Peoples’ Day

2015 Alaska becomes the second state to honor Indigenous Peoples’ Day in the country

2017 Moscow becomes the first city in Idaho to recognize Indigenous Peoples’ Day

2019 State of Idaho recognizes Indigenous Peoples’ Day

2021 Indigenous Peoples Day becomes a state holiday in Oregon

2022 Indigenous Peoples’ Day is formally observed as a city holiday in Seattle

Engage with Indigenous Music & Poetry

Listen to ‘Indigenous Peoples Day Song sung by Mariana Harvey (Yakama) and Isa Shash (Mexica/Indeh)


Listen to ‘One World (We are One) by Taboo, Mag 7 & Illuminative.


Listen to ‘Alright by Supaman feat. Neenah


Watch Indigenous Peoples’ Day Poetry Slam published by the North Olympic Library System in 2021.

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