Arts and Literature

Made There: Yakama artist Bessie Bill weaves traditional wa’paas

From Crosscut (by Sarah Hall) – In the Yakima Valley, master weaver Bessie Bill weaves wa’paas to build community and preserve a tribal tradition.

Seattle’s First-Ever BLASTFEST Celebrates Afrobeats Music and African Cultures

From South Seattle Emerald (by Patheresa Wells) – Seattle’s first-ever Afrobeats music festival will be held Saturday, July 29 at Seattle Center!

Visions of Indigenous Futures

From Yes! Magazine (by Breanna Draxler) – The project began with a number: 562. It was the number of federally recognized tribes in the United States when photographer Matika Wilbur (Swinomish and Tulalip) quit her job, packed her camera, and...

She Said the Land Called Her Home

From Underscore (by Jarrette Werk) – As a kid, Katherine Paul loved traveling with her mother, who spoke at anthropological lectures around the world. This year, the Swinomish tribal citizen is hitting the road once more — to launch her...

The Rhapsody Project tunes into cultural heritage and social justice

From KNKX Radio (by Robin Lloyd) – Conventional music education often lacks the cultural references that can help students connect to their roots.

Reciprocity Project Highlights Indigenous Storytelling and Values

From South Seattle Emerald (by Victor Simoes) – Reciprocity Project, a series of seven Indigenous-made documentary short films, combines Native American storytelling with climate awareness and other intersectional movements rooted in Indigenous guardianship, social justice, and human rights.

Balancing Cultures reimagines the family album, revealing unspoken truths in ordinary mid-century Japanese American family photographs

From International Examiner (by Paul Mori) – More often than not, there is a deeper meaning behind the smiles in photographs, especially in the age of film when each click of the shutter was so very precious.

New project spotlights work of modern Indigenous American artists

From PBS NewsHour (by Jeffrey Brown and Lena I. Jackson) – Candice Hopkins: There were so many good Native artists working in contemporary art, but they still weren’t getting the big shows. It was a kind of — the beginnings...

Northwest Holiday Markets 2022

Winter is coming and with it, a slew of awesome holiday markets from organizations around the Northwest! Here are a few of the markets that especially made an impression on EchoX staff and board.