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Volunteer Opportunity

King County artists, if you’ve been dreaming of exhibiting your work and you aren’t currently represented by a commercial gallery, do not miss this opportunity! Applications are open now for the 2024-25 season at Gallery 4Culture.


PS-WA’s The Parent Resilience Program & HIFS’s Pilimakua Family Connections Program is hiring one full-time Parent Resilience Specialist (PRS) to grow our organization’s partnership to support Indigenous families across King County.

We are looking to add a peer who will be embedded in the Pilimakua Family Connections Program at Hummingbird as well as apart of the Parent Resilience Program (PS-WA). This person will be dually-supported across both programs and serving Indigenous families who are receiving services from HIFS as well as open to community referrals.

This is a full-time position (35-40 hours per week) with occasional evening and weekend work required with advance notice. PS-WA and HIFS are both remote workplaces and the schedule is flexible within the 9-5pm working day. This position requires working at community events and client homes visits throughout King County. Team meetings, trainings and other community commitments will be in person and remote.

The Parent Resilience Specialist (PRS) works with pregnant and parenting families who are at-risk for or are experiencing mental health challenges related to childbearing. Some examples could include anxiety, sadness or grief around unexpected parenting/birth outcomes, depression, sleeplessness, scary or intrusive thoughts. Specialists are not mental health providers but are providing peer services. A typical day in this role could include having sessions with participants in-person – on a walk to the playground to support a parent getting fresh air and exercise or in the home to provide emotional wellness support over a cup of tea; it could include resource navigation to address barriers like supporting a parent to find childcare or the bus route to an appointment. PRS spend 75% of their time providing direct service to their caseload of families and about 25% of their time documenting, resourcing, and consulting about their participants and attending trainings.

The Parent Resilience Specialists will support families to create and implement  culturally-specific emotional wellness plans, introduce and discuss mental health care, listen and support families with barriers/reservations about mental health therapy, and walk with families as they navigate formal mental health care or other services as needed.

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