Welcome Hidaya!

We’re excited to welcome our first social media fellow!

This spring, we are working with Hidaya, a Washington State high school student and alumnus of our summer web development workshop. As a social media fellow with DIGITIZE, she will gain leadership skills and work experience while helping EchoX and DIGITIZE grow. Over the next two months, Hidaya will practice creating impactful and engaging social media content for our EchoX social platforms. 
Follow along from April to June to catch some of Hidaya’s original posts!  

One of Hidaya’s passions is creating poetry. She has generously shared the poem below. “It’s about breaking free from the idea of being a one-dimensional person and reclaiming who you are,” says Hidaya. 

Sometimes I don’t feel like  


When “I” doesn’t consist of me in the present, me in the past, and the me I want to be in the future.  

It’s absurd that all my  



likes and dislikes 

are jumbled into one word – 

I mean a letter. 

“I” makes me feel guilty when I’m not being  


In fact, “I” stops me from taking risks, it 

makes me scared. It makes me wake 

up in a cold sweat and speeds the beating 

of my heart.  


“I” troubles me. It doesn’t understand there 

Is so much depth in me. 

That I can adapt and change without 

Actually losing myself because 

I am not chained to the idea of just 

Being “I”!  

It ain’t betrayal if I’m being 

true to me.  

Without “I”, I can see myself clearly. 

I’m no longer shadowed by doubts that darken my days and ignite jealousy 

Within me. And 

I’ve come to a conclusion, I 

am not the fool, 

“I” is. 


Our DIGITIZE Youth Fellowships are paid, short-term opportunities for high school students. They provide guidance and experience to those who want to gain skills in the digital sphere. We continue to create new opportunities and welcome questions, inquiries, or suggestions! To learn more, email us at DIGITIZE@echox.org and sign up for our mailing list. 


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