Artist Spotlight: Jacqueline Ware

EchoX habeen honored to partner with one of our first directory participants, the AfricanAmerican Writers Alliance (AAWA), to present Wednesday poetry and prose series from a collective of different authors. So far, we have shared writing from Minnie Collins, Georgia S. McDade, Margaret S. Barrie, Gail Haynes, and  Merri Ann Osborne. This Wednesday concludes the series with poetry from Jacqueline Ware. 

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Bread Crumbs and Pebbles 
Jacqueline Ware

This poem was written in response to an opening art event at the Onyx Art Gallery.  I selected a painting of an  older African American gentleman with suspenders and overalls walking down a country, tree-lined trail holding the hand of a small boy.  The painting only shows their backs. 

His hand is ginormous big; mine is really tiny.

His hand is rough; mine is tender soft.

His hand is all wrinkly; mine is super smooth.

His hand is comforting; mine trusts him.

His hand feels loving; mine feels warm and happy.

His hand is strong; mine feels are swallowed up.

His hand feels protective; mine feels safe.

His hand puts the fish food on the fish hook; mine snatches back from the wiggly worm.

His hand holds the bike steady and gives it a push; mine feels all shaky.

His hand picks me up when I fall; mine grabs his and I feel better.

His hand swats my naughty little hand; mine stings and I say I won’t do it again.

His hand helps me button my shirt; mine is all fumbly and misses holes.

His hand throws me way up in the air; mine reaches for the sky.

His hand leads me down the right path; mine knows I won’t need bread crumbs or
   little white pebbles.


© Jacqueline Ware


Jaye Ware was born and raised in the PNW. Poet, Spoken Word Artist, and recent playwright; she is drawn to material that taps into social justice and injustice issues. With a heart for children and seniors, Jaye writes stories and prose geared towards their age range. Access to Jaye’s children videos can be found on YouTube; Pop up Time, Children’s Poetry and Prose. She is a member artist with the 4Culture Touring Arts Roster and has a short “on location” staged play titled Madison Park Bench; located on YouTube, Menrva Labs. She has performed at Town Hall, libraries, museums, on Orcas and Vashon Island, schools, bookstores, and art galleries.

“Spread honesty liberally.” – Jaye Ware

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