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Community Focus
Women, Caribbean
Seattle, WA
The Seattle Women's Steel Pan Project gives women and girls the opportunity to learn how to play and perform Caribbean steel drums and is dedicated to creating a space for women and girls in music through arts education.
Community Focus
African, Caribbean
Victoria, BC
A hub for African, Caribbean diaspora and African Descent communities on Vancouver Island. Centre Culturel et Social pour les Personnes d'Ascendance Africaine.
Community Focus
Día de los Muertos Highlight, Latinx, Caribbean
Founded in 2010, eSe Teatro honors self-definition and inclusion, striving to represent all the colors in the “rainbow of brown” of our Latinidad. Our affiliated artists range from immigrants to U.S. born, Spanish-speaking and non Spanish-speaking, representing cultures and heritages from all over The Americas and Caribbean.
Community Focus
Día de los Muertos Highlight, Hispanic, American, Latinx, Caribbean, Chicanx
Cheney, WA
In 1977 a group of students of Mexican ancestry who identified as Chicana/os in recognition of their unique social, cultural and political identities joined forces with a Chicano Art Professor, Rubén Trejo, to establish the Chicano Education Program. Since its creation, this program has served as an academic and community center for students and their families. Today, the Chicana/o/x Studies Program, as is known, provides services for students of all backgrounds: Chicanx, Indigenous, Hispanic, Latinx, immigrant, migrant, Caribbean, Central American, South American, non-Latinx, and beyond. Our program offers academic and non-academic support services both in English and Spanish, such as advising, peer mentorship, and tutoring opportunities, culturally relevant events, scholarship information, and a home away from home. Welcome to your space! (Bienvenidos!)
Community Focus
Latinx, Caribbean, Cuban
Trio Cubay bases its repertoire essentially on sones, guarachas and boleros, with a hint of rumba, cha-cha-cha, changüí and latin jazz. As a result of the versatility of its members, the trio incorporates other Cuban and Caribbean genres into their music.
Cubay is a musical project founded on May 2015 in Seattle, Washington by Alfredo Polier (voice and minor percussion) and Javier Maru (voice and guitar), initially as a duo. Later on, Cubay teamed up with Lalo Bello (percussion), which resulted in extending the project to a trio. Cubay also has the ability of appearing as a quartet or quintet as well.
In a very particular way, Cubay recreates its music, mainly based on analogies of popular Cuban melodies representing the roots of the native flavor originated from the largest island of the Antilles. Furthermore, the singular form of vocal harmonization (always in pair of voices) forms a "contrapunteo" game that easily navigates from traditional harmonies to modern or vice versa.
Cubay's proposal is able to please the most demanding tastes. It delights both those who like to dance and those who prefer to listen and enjoy well-crafted music.
El Trio Cubay basa su repertorio fundamentalmente en sones, guarachas y boleros, con destellos de rumba, changüí, cha-cha-cha y jazz latino. Aunque gracias a la versatilidad de sus integrantes es capaz de interpretar otros géneros musicales cubanos y caribeños.
Cubay es un proyecto musical fundado en mayo del 2015 en Seattle, Washington por Alfredo Polier (voz y percusión menor) y Javier Maru (voz y guitarra), inicialmente con formato de dúo.
Por un corto periodo de tiempo contó con la colaboración de Alexander Samón, bajista y exelente músico/arreglista que ayudo con los arreglos del repertorio.
Tiempo después Cubay unió fuerzas con Lalo Bello (percusión) extendiéndose a trio. Y hoy cuenta con la posibilidad de presentarse como cuarteto o quinteto gracias a la riqueza de su repertorio.
De una manera muy particular Cubay fundamenta y recrea sus arreglos musicales, principalmente basados en analogías de temas de la música cubana, sobre la base del sabor y lo más autóctono de la mayor de las Antillas. Al mismo tiempo, la forma singular de armonización vocal (siempre a dúo de voces) va formando un juego de contrapunteo que puede fácilmente transitar de la armonía tradicional a la moderna o viceversa.
La propuesta de Cubay aun en su formato más reducido es capaz de complacer a los más exigentes gustos. Cubay complace tanto a los que gustan de bailar como a aquellos que prefieren escuchar música bien elaborada.